It feels like just the other day we were all saying goodbye to 2019. Most of us had plans; resolutions for 2020. Of course, some were frivolous and simple, while some were quite grandiose. Like everyone else, I had quite a few on my to-do list for 2020. I call them my goals for the new year. I was optimistic and felt quite empowered to tackle what lied ahead.

But, 2020 arrived and brought us to our knees. Some of us literally. The whole globe was and is still wrestling with Covid 19, a deadly virus that has taken numerous lives. And because this was a novel virus, the scientific community was puzzled. The images coming out Wu-hun, China depicted a grim picture. On the various social media sites, we helplessly watched individuals collapsed and died on their way to work, while shopping, or at leisure.

So when Covid 19 hit the rest of the world, it placed a huge dent in the economy. Various industries went into bankruptcy. In order to curb the virus, many places of business like the entertainment, restaurants, department stores, airline industries, schools, places of worship were closed and everyone was placed on quarantine.

It seems like there was no where to hide or run. Those who were overseas scrabbled to catch a flight to be with loved ones. The trouble was, many couldn’t be with elderly family members due to their vulnerability to this deadly virus. Though you love your grandparents and loved ones with underlying illnesses, it was best to stay away so as not to infect them.

The isolation took a toll on many. It was reported that the calls to the mental health, substance abuse and suicide hotlines increased tremendously. Covid exposed the good and the indifferent in all of us. We had time to face our demons. We had no place to escape from our loved ones. When the bars, gyms, clubs and everywhere else were closed, everyone just had to be with the “individual in the mirror”. Parents did double-duty. They became teachers to their children and experienced how challenging it really is for under-compensated teachers.

Corona exposed the vulnerability many relationships. Some died because a partner realized that he/she doesn’t really love the other; while others flourished. Humans found a way to connect. Thus, in the midst of a pandemic, many relationships were born. Zoom weddings, birthdays, graduations, and funerals became commonplace on the web.

All across the globe, a rather unusual phenomena occurred. Because while humans were quarantined indoors for the extended period, Mother Nature took over. Big cities saw native animals of their respective region took over the streets. As people took close introspection of themselves within, silence was evident. This brought forward the sweet chirping from the birds. Finally, they were heard.

Sadly, lives are still snapped away by this deadly virus across the world. Millions have recovered but are left with physical and mental scars from it. Companies have reopened and cautiously resumed business. Most schools, churches, and other businesses have followed suit while practicing social distancing and the wearing of face coverings (masks). There is certainly a new normal.

In life, there are always going to be obstacles and challenges along the way. There are going to be mountains and steep valleys. Some are known and expected while others are novel that leave us petrified and baffled. History will tell you that those in the past encountered even worse and the subsequently recovered.

You see, while we are busy making plans, life happens. But, we cannot give up and throw in the towel. Fear will arise, but we’ve to remember that it’s not part of us. Though we are forced to place our lives somewhat on “hold”, at some point, when it’s safe, we have to resume with our plans and goals.

Life goes on even during and after Covid 19. And guess what? In some crazy way, we can find and seek our “good and happy place”; maybe a imperfect balance that work for us and our loved ones. And, look at the bright side, we’re all part of history. Based on statistics, 80% of the world’s population will survive Covid. We’ll have tales to tell to the next generation. This too shall pass. Life is now.

P.S. If you’re reading this, it simply means that you’re ALIVE! Yippee!…we made it into 2021! Where did time go? It elapses; it moves. It waits on no man or woman for that matter. Incidentally, there are vaccines (Moderna’s and Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson). Sadly, we still have many lives lost during this pandemic. However, there is hope. Don’t place your life on hold. Continue to be safe. And despite of, live with gusto each and every day.


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