Balancing Act

Beautiful people, welcome to Balancing Act, a good place. In this season of my life, I wanted a place where I could escape, away from the din and continue on the “working progress” mode. I needed a place where I could stretch and continue to discover more of me. I figured this is a great medium to do so while inviting you to peek into my thought-process and be part of my journey; well, somewhat.

So, I thank you for visiting and subsequently taking the time to peruse my blog. I know we all have busy lives; yet, you’ve taken the time to stop by. With all the chaos in our individual lives, it’s so vital that we carve out the time to make ourselves a priority at some point throughout the day. A time to breathe and to catch a new wind so to speak. And, in today’s climate, I suspect we all could do with a new wind from day to day.

I’m Betty originally from the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. Presently, I reside in the sunshine state of Florida where the sun doesn’t fail to grace me with its brilliant rays on a daily basis. Come to think about it, I should wear sunscreen. I do consider myself tremendously blessed to be able to live and garner energy from Mother Nature in this way. When you think about it, who needs vitamin D supplement when one can receive the dosage from up above? But, I’m afraid some of us do. So, please take the advice of your healthcare providers.

Talking about healthcare, part of my journey is affiliated with rendering care to others, especially the elderly. As a Caregiver, the work is humbling, challenging and rewarding. It’s rewarding to me because interacting with those who have been there before me has provided yours truly with life lessons. When you take the time to listen to others who had first-hand experience of the past, you can add more richness to your life. Moreover, you can avoid pitfalls that may arise.

I’m a joyful, spiritual, balanced, and free-spirited individual who endeavors to live in the “Now”; but is cognizant of the future. I’m a “glass half-full” kind of a gal. Call me crazy; but, I often try to find the good in every situation. I’m a great lover of the written word. I really couldn’t survive without books. By the way, I’m in love with them so much that I’ve penned and self-published one of my own, called, (Voice of Hope). Voice of Hope can be accessed and purchased on-line from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and anywhere books are sold internationally.

Moreover, a few of you may know me from the Food blog, “ Though somewhat inactive, it can still be accessed on the web. Cooking for myself and others is a spiritual experience. It’s certainly heart-warming and great fun to whet loved ones’ appetite and behold the joy exude from their faces. So, it was great elation to actually write about my love and passion of food.

I’m a proud Yogi in training. Practicing yoga and meditation provide me with a balance in mind and body. Nature is paramount to me so I try to soak up as much I possibly can. It’s always sitting and waiting for us all. And if you really listen, it will speak to us.

Are you excited thus far? I am!! And, I hope you’re. Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to your return as you join me on my journey with this life via #BalancingAct. And, we can all concur that life can sometimes be a balancing act. Therefore, I’ll attempt to explore it in a somewhat fun yet positive way.

Balancing Act will sometime attempt to trouble-shoot life’s issues. We could all get through our day with a little encouragement and empowerment from one another. I will present and incorporate essays, poetry, movements, videos, photos, food, quotes, etc. that will cover my experiences in life thus far. I hope this day, this moment, find you in a good place.

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