The uninvited guest

Somehow, it seems like yesterday since our world went sideways. Who would have thought at this point in time, the beginning of spring that things could go wrong? Typically, spring brings the chirping birds, fragrant blooms and the onset of a carefree feeling within because winter has finally transferred the baton to spring.

But, clearly we were in for a gigantic surprise. Spring arrived alright but it brought with it an uninvited guest, Covid 19. Based on various reports, this virus wasn’t something to take lightly. Thus, we didn’t take chances and become perfect hosts. Though we shut it out, though we tried to isolate it and wear face guards and sanitize, it still lingered and decimated countless lives.

It was wishful thinking. Some say the sizzling summer months would take care and obliterate it. Sadly, Covid still reigns. This invisible guest lurks in the air in the form of droplets; waiting to claim unsuspecting victims. We are constantly reminded to wash and sanitize our hands to prevent infecting ourselves and loved ones.

Fall is officially here. A fresh start. Mother Nature doesn’t care about this uninvited guest. You see, she is executing her job the best way she knows how. She has provided us with cool and refreshing air and mesmerizing foliage in the form of varied color of leaves on the trees. The small and huge animals still go about their living frolicking, slaying for their meals while they rest and and go to slumber.

Just like Mother Nature, we all have to live and execute our jobs the best way we know how; safety and responsibility come to mind. We all have our roles to play to keep each other safe. Life goes on even with this uninvited guest in search of the right hosts. In order to gain some form of control, nutritionists advice that we should boost our immune system with the right foods and to enroll in some form of exercise so as to keep those pesky and unwanted pounds at bay.

Be safe my friends. And remember, life goes on. After all, the birds continue to chirp even during this Covid season. May you seek out and find your happy place as you navigate during this unprecedented period in our lives.

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