The phrase “Losing Marbles” is defined as someone with strange ideas and behaving oddly as if he/she has become insane. As we grow older, there are changes that occur in the brain. This can be caused from injuries due to a stroke, disease such as Alzheimer, etc. However, we have to admit that losing one’s mental standing can go across the age spectrum. For instance, at any age cognitive abilities can be compromised as a result of depression, substance abuse and otherwise.

Mental decline doesn’t discriminate. Decline can occur at any age. Therefore, it is vital that we all try to keep our marbles as much as we can. No doubt, today’s life has become tremendously challenging. As we all try to seize control in different areas of our lives, the stress level can leave us emotionally, spiritually and financially depleted.

As such, it’s so vital that we endeavor to make concerted effort to retain control each and every day; especially during these challenging times. Because the brain is a muscle, it’s important that we use it and be kind to it; otherwise, we lose it. Some of the ways we can try to be “with it” and keep our marbles, so to speak are:-

  • Balanced diet – This means consuming a healthy meal plan that includes meals from all the food groups. Foods that fuel the body and mind like, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, omega fatty acids (seafoods, nuts, etc.) By all means, avoid processed foods, sodas and any simple carbs (white bread, flour, etc.) as these only weight you down. The regular consumption of a healthy diet, will provide more energy and clarity in mind. The payoff is more confidence and better health.
  • Exercise – The important thing is to move. And, it doesn’t mean you’ve to be in the gym for hours. Who has time for that anyway? A brisk walk or jog around the neighborhood is an excellent way to keep the extra pounds at bay. Moreover, exercise produces endorphins that provide a natural high within the brain that last for hours during the day.
  • Affirmations – We all could do with a little booster of sort to get us through the day. And one way of doing so is to create a list of mantras that can be repeated throughout the day for positive reinforcement. Example, “I’m go-getter, I’m strong, I’m capable, I’m fearless, etc.” Place them on your screen saver. Or, on sticky posts at home where you can see and remind yourself.
  • Retrain the brain – One way of retraining the brain is to be a perpetual learner. That would certainly allow one to keep those marbles. Returning to the classroom is one way to boost the brain power. You’re never too late to learn a new language or play a musical instrument like the guitar.
  • New friendships – Form new friendships with those of different age group. This move will only expand our horizon.
  • Social media – Social media can sometime be a time waster if not managed properly. It’s best to allow common sense be the guide. Use it as a tool to form new friendships and to stay in the “loop”.
  • Real friendship/Family – Interaction with others whether family or friends is a good and healthy way to get through the days. This will provide a great support system that will aid you when things aren’t going great and for celebrating.
  • Spirituality – Having a connection with the Creator is beautiful way to get one through the day. Research have shown that those who are spiritually in touch with their Creator through prayer, attending a place of worship. etc. tend to have a brighter outlook on life itself.
  • Meditation – This means silence for a period. And it doesn’t have to be for hours. A few minutes of meditation per day can allow one to shut out the din and hear our own breathing for a bit. The result is, clarity and peace of mind.

As we experience our individual journey, we can’t help it, there are going to be steep valleys and obstacles. These can leave some of us mentally challenged. However, we can gain some form of control by employing a few of the above approaches.

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