At the two in the morn and you can’t nab a shut-eye,

that’s when demons come alive.

They’ll tell you various negative things that stir tremendous

fear within and cause you to question your dreams

and goals.

They make you wonder if you’re trodding the right path

and make you second-guess your strength and


But that’s not the time to become petrified.

Instead, you have to endeavor to remain on course, and

you let those demons know who is in control.

You’ve to remember that God is at full throttle in your

life, and He can do what mortal man can’t do. He has

the final say, not people.

And when the minutes tick on by and you find yourself in a

depressive state of mind, it is imperative that you learn

to think yourself joyful, at peace, and full of contentment.

It’s never too late for your dreams to come to pass.

In those wee hours when the pain persists, it’s the time to

remember that sometimes pain is a sign of new birth.

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