On a quest to change my life.

But before I do so, I realize that I must first work on changing my

inner world.

Though it seems easy, it’s not.

You see, inside of me, are the zones of the unknown which are

quite layered and mostly untapped. And although they’re

part of me, I realize it can become rather scary to make

entry into these unfamiliar territories.

I’ll not allow fear to deter me from getting to

explore me. We were all born with individual talents,

and the only way to figure out mine is to go within and

spend time with me.

Entering within can become lonesome and dark.

But what I realize is that I’ve to develop courage and

perseverance and forge towards the darkness.

Within the dark, new discoveries can be found.

Within the dark, amazing development and growth

tend to occur.

The darkness will ultimately give way and lead me

towards the light.

Spectacular things can occur.

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