Must have been a million times I’ve gone over all of this;

all that we managed to build.

My heart is extremely sad and sometimes seems to go flat-line.

I just can’t fathom this is happening in real time.

Could it be I’m in a dream?

Do you recall when we first met?

It seemed like nothing else mattered.


Time stood still.

Though the room was packed as hell, you only had eyes

for me.

We’ve been through quite a few storms in our lives;

but we always managed to stay afloat and weather them.

You accepted me and even all my flaws.

Come to think of it, you said that’s what make me so

unique and endearing.

I like that about you, you don’t judge.

You accept me for all that I am; including my flaws

and imperfections.

I like it that you’re a well-lived man.

You’ve sewn your oats and have seen what’s on

the other side.

And, despite all that, you still have a whole lot more

to give.

And give you did. You’ve shown me and taught me

how to really love; 100%.

I miss your laughter and the way your eyes lit up

when you behold me like it’s the first time you’re seeing me.

I miss the way you curl up in bed when you’re spent

and go off in your low rhythmic snore.

My heart aches because there’s so much space.

This tiny space has become quite gigantic without you.

Baby, if you’re gone, maybe, you should think of coming


Ok, I know these are challenging times and we’ve not

been through nothing like this.

But, be assured that I’ve got your back

And with team work, we’ll be stronger than ever before.

Baby, right now I feel lost.

I feel truly lost.

Remember this my love, you’re the only one I wish to share

my compass with when I’m lost.

And right now, I’m truly lost.

I’ve faith that we can weather this and we both find that

which is gone.

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