With outstretched hand and big welcoming smile you found your

way in my life.

Couldn’t question or doubt your words and actions.

After all, they were coming from someone who seemed

self-assured and genuine.

But isn’t it sad how things have changed?

Well, more of the real you have emerged, and in no time,

I can’t help but to be critical of the person I knew.

Looking back, I saw the red flags.

Oh, come to think of it, they were often blinding, but I

chose to lean on denial. It was easier that way to soften the blows.

In the name of love, you came and you seized.

Gradually, you managed to snatch parts of me that I’m still working

on recovering.

I have chosen not to live with a bitter heart because that

would make you have a hold on me.

Instead, I choose absolution and take ownership of my part.

I see you’ve not changed.

You’re still up to your devious and destruction ways.

Not because I choose to treat you as a human being,

you think you have the right to double-back for another

shot of me.

Don’t you think I see your familiar actions?

You’ve not changed.

Even if you did, good for you!

But I strongly suggest you “bark” up another tree.


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