Pictures of you
Pictures of me
Stuck in time when things were lush and full of possibilities.
Where did time go?
We had so much plans; so many goals; so many dreams.
Look at those eyes.
They were fearless; we were fierce;
You were full of hope and aspirations.
We had airtight plans; big plans.
We were going to conquer the world.
Nothing could stop you.
Nothing could stop us.
We were a team, the "A" team.
We were going places.

Now, we've flat-lined and seem to be running out of air.
Is it too late for us?
Can we recapture what we've clearly lost?
Maybe, it's time to revisit the drawing board
It's time to regain that gusto that has 
departed and left us starving for more.
Looking at that photo has stirred up in me a new fire.
I wish to come alive again and recapture some of 
what has lost.
Maybe, it won't be too late to reignite those flames
that have gone tepid.
Deep down, I can feel it igniting; something is happening.
It's never too late for a shower of rain.
Let's make it happen.

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