Confined by my worries and fears
Confined by my demons
Confined by my shame and regrets
Confined by negative energy within my midst
Went in search of solutions in diverse wrong
places and further added to my woes. But when
I found no answer,
I had no choice but to surrender, and I
asked the powers that be to intervene.

Now, I have a new song
Now, I realize that mortal man can't aid me
They too have their maladies and demons
trying to conquer. The Dear Lord knew my
heart was fragile and I was in need
of His intervention.
He listened to my cries and pleas, and 
provided solutions.
Now, I'm liberated and carefree in my spirits.
He wiped my slate clean and revealed His plans
for me.    

Now, I go with a purpose,
armed with my assignments tailored to only
me. I'm no longer imprisoned by others.
The chains have been broken
I'm no longer imprisoned by my actions.
I' redeemed and with the help of the Almighty
no one can snap this away from me.   

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